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Company History

Founded in July 1980 to carry out professional high frequency heat treatment and manufacturing.
Registered capital of NT$1 million.
1984 – factory relocated to a 120-ping/397m2 facility at No. 550, Sec. 2, Zhanghe Rd., Hemei Township,
Changhua County.

March 1994 – registered capital increased to NT$5 million.
1995 – new technologies introduced, 2 sets of Japanese-manufactured medium and low frequency equipment
purchased to enhance quality and production efficacy.

1999 – factory relocated to the current 470-ping/1,554m2 facility.
September 2003 – new 2000 version of the ISO quality control system introduced.
2004 – two sets of deep cryogenic equipment are introduced to provide clients with more versatile services.
2007 – secondary factory established in Hemei (Kuo Che Co., Ltd.)
August 2008 – secondary factory (Kuo Che) relocated to a 650-ping/2,149m2 facility in Shengang Township.
February 2010 – ISO quality system revamped, passes ISO 9001:2008 certification.
May 2010 – multiple sets of advanced medium and low frequency induction heating equipment imported from
DKK of Japan.

Main Business Items

01 High Frequency, Medium Frequency and Low Frequency professional heat treatment.
02 Metal-related surface, plane and inner hole heat treatment.
03 Heat treatment of parts for automobiles, motorcycles, working machines, textile machines and industrial machines.
04 Heat treatment for various gears, big/small rollers, Shafts, cutters, ball screws and slide rails, etc.
05 Steel, iron, copper and aluminum annealing treatment.
06 Metal conditioning, equalization and tempering treatment.
07 Parts surface sand blasting treatment.
08 Deep Cryogenic Treatment.
09 Metal surface magnetic particle inspection.
10 Metallic material sorting.

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